Regulatory Intelligence is a team effort

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Regulatory Intelligence

RegEye is specifically developed for regulated entities within the financial services industry.

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Regulatory news and updates

200+ sources

RegEye collect news articles from relevant sources on a local, regional and global basis. Select the sources and article types you are interested in.


Authorities: Supervisory, legislative, governmental.

Financial industry: Trade associations, task forces, expertise.

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Team collaboration

Empower your team

RegEye makes collaboration easy. Stakeholders and teams can share the latest updates and their assessments. All records are kept so that you can to follow the work and decisions made.

Team functionality:

  • Comment
  • Assign
  • Tag
  • Set due dates
  • Attach documentation
Trending articles
Powerful filtering

Efficient noise cancellation

RegEye offers filtering so that you can focus on news and updates that are relevant for you. You can apply filters on a personal and/or team level.

Filter functionality:

  • Keywords
  • Article types
  • Publishers
  • Importance
  • Action types


RegEye screenshot reading pane

Keep up to date

Follow all your favorite content in one place.

You can easily pre-define filters to personalize your view of all regulatory news and updates to make sure that you capture articles of your interest.

All articles captured by RegEye are also saved in RegEye, so you can search and find articles that might have missed or have heard about.

So you can both keep up to date and find articles that you missed.

RegEye screenshot reading pane

Read and take actions

You can read the articles inside RegEye using the reading pane.

In the right-hand side pane, you collaborate with your team by taking actions, such as prioritize, tag, assign and comment.

All actions are shared within your team, so that you can follow all the work.

RegEye screenshot reading pane


This is the focal point for extracting insights from all team members.

Tracking and activity logs make it simple to demonstrate and report to stakeholders and regulators alike.